Talented Telugu singers show – Telugu Indian Idol

Telugu Indian Idol

Have you ever watched a singing reality show in Telugu? It would be nice to watch such an entertainment show with your family to see how the young contestants perform. If you are a fan of music competition shows, then watching Telugu Indian Idol will be a good choice. On the other hand, if you do not like singing reality shows, then after watching Telugu Indian Idol, you will surely change your mind. It is a wonderful show where you can watch highly talented contestants showing their talents.

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The cast of Telugu Indian Idol

The famous singing reality show in Telugu, Telugu Indian Idol, is directed by Advait Shelke with Fremantle studio. Sreerama Chandra presents the show, and the judges are SS Thaman, Karthik, and Nithya Menon. Apart from them, you can also find different celebrities appearing on this show as guests and judges. Thus, it is an exciting show for everyone to watch.

About Telugu Indian Idol

Telugu Indian Idol is an Indian Telugu- singing reality show which is a part of the famous television series Indian Idol (premiered in 2004). It is a stage for the best singers to compete and show their talents to others. Telugu Indian Idol involves talented contestants from different places, and the judges will find out the best singer among them after several rounds of competition. Telugu Indian Idol premiered on 25 February 2022 and has released 31 episodes (each episode with around one hour). Currently, all its episodes are streaming on the aha OTT platform; you can watch it whenever your want.

What to expect from Telugu Indian Idol

Most people know that Telugu Indian Idol is a stage for the best-talented singers from different places. So the contestants appearing in this show will be highly talented. Thus, you can expect them to provide the best performance and exceed your expectations. Since it is a music competition, the contestants will be reduced at each stage, increasing the viewer’s interest in knowing the winner. If you are watching it with your family, then it will be the best entertainment show for them.

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